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Liquor wholesale sales

For your prosperity

Masimo Co., Ltd. boasts an overwhelming liquor sales share and track record in the northern area of ​​Kyoto Prefecture.

With the know-how cultivated through many years of experience, we are working to improve our customers' lives as much as possible. Rather than simply delivering products, we are working on customized sales for the prosperity of each customer.

Liquor wholesale sales

In-house delivery range: Maizuru, Ayabe, Fukuchiyama, Miyazu, Obama (Fukui Prefecture)

No.1 share in Northern Kyoto
* Surveyed in February 2020

About your order

  • Individuals and corporations: 0773-75-1041

Restaurant prosperity support

From before and after the restaurant opens, we back up your business from various angles.
  • Opening assistance
  • Property selection and inspection
  • Menu proposal
  • Selection and introduction of suppliers
  • Provision of know-how
  • etc
Main products

Delivering carefully selected products from around the world

Fortune networks are spread around the world. We carefully select products based on the voices of producers so that they can lead to a better life for our customers.
We also build an optimized logistics system and pledge to deliver the best products to our customers.


・ Consultation / question regarding product delivery
・ Consultation on product planning and production
・ Consultation / Question about product
In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us.