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A commercial liquor store with a store in Maizuru, a city surrounded by the sea and mountains in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.
The concept is "rich living with alcohol."
We have abundant items such as wine, shochu, plum wine and juice.

The charm of sake to enjoy in various scenes

Alcohol that is loved as an adult's taste. Isn't there not a small number of people who enjoy the food that is indispensable to others? The world is full of all kinds of sake, but its history is very old, and if you talk about Japan only, it is said that it was born in the middle of Jomon in the middle of Japan. The raw material is, of course, rice that is familiar to Japanese people, and it seems that it certainly existed when rice was introduced to Japan.

It can be said that sake can be tasted and enjoyed with food. In addition, food and sake go hand in hand with each other, making them very compelling, just as there is sake as a seasoning in cooking, such as cooking sake and mirin.

The general recommendation is to change the alcohol content according to the progress of cooking, or to match cold or hot sake with cooking, depending on the situation. However, these are only standard, and they are completely different depending on people's tastes. Why not try drinking alcohol that suits you, regardless of the influence of your surroundings and your prejudice?

May your days be richer

Masimo Co., Ltd. 5th generation CEO

Hideo Mashimo


Our history

Since 1862

Masimo Co., Ltd. was founded as Mashimo Ichizo Shoten in 1862 in the late Edo period (1862), and has been loved by local residents for as long as 148 years. Business contents: ① Sales of alcoholic beverages for business use to restaurants ② Sales of alcoholic beverages and beverages via the Internet ③ Operation of vending machines is.


company name Masimo Co., Ltd.
Head office location 〒624-0855 37-3 Kitanabe, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture
Establishment 1988
Capital 10 million yen
Officer Representative Director Hideo Makishita
employee 20 people
Our Services Commercial liquor sales / Alcohol sales on the Internet / Planning and production


We propose "rich life with sake"

Masimo Co., Ltd.
Business hours: 10:00 to 19:00
〒624-0855 37-3 Kitanabe, Maizuru-shi, Kyoto