Planning and production

Total production and planning of original products

・ Planning / Production / Supervision
・ Concept planning
・ Package & Product Design
・ Marketing

Know Japanese food

With the diversification of food progressing and the ability to eat a variety of dishes on a daily basis, we want to use this as an opportunity to carefully review how to eat and how to eat, carefully is there. He learns that the cooking process is also meaningful, such as reducing waste to the utmost, using no microwave oven, and taking the time and effort to pursue deliciousness. Don't forget to thank "food" without failing to polish the ingredients from the attitude to the manner. As a food company, we will also work to spread Japanese food culture.


Masimo Co., Ltd. holds a "Production Technology Study Group" once a month, in which each person in charge of the factory and other related departments participates. In addition to sharing production issues and manufacturing techniques at factories, we are working to improve quality so that we can deliver better products to our customers. In addition, a “plant manager meeting” is held once every two months, where plant managers, production departments, and other related departments participate. In order to utilize customer's wishes in product development, the head office regularly holds tastings.

Our works

Maritime Self-Defense Force "Supply Ship Masyu"beef curry

Maizuru City, the port town of Kyoto Prefecture where the JMSDF is located.

With the full cooperation of the Maritime Self-Defense Force related to the city, the original taste that can only be eaten by ships is reproduced.

Navy curry snacks

The second of the Navy curry series

Produce package design production from product planning. Confident work created based on our own past experience and achievements